Borage Tea Benefits

Borage tea is not only very beneficial for your lungs and respiratory system in general, but it is also extremely beneficial for your mood and stress levels.

In this post, you are going to learn about some of the most important borage tea benefits, not only that, but you are also going to learn how to brew it the right way and how to get the most healing out of it.

Unlike borage oil, borage tea does not lower inflammations tremendously, although it does a little, however it has many very beneficial properties that are not only going to help your respiratory system, but will also help with many painful conditions and even depression.

So, what are the most important borage tea benefits?

The first important benefit is as and expectorant.  Borage tea can work as an excellent expectorant, mucokinetics , it can help with clearing mucus from lungs, airways, bronchi, and trachea. In other words, it is going to clear your airways and respiratory system very rapidly and safely.

The most important thing related to borage tea is that it does not only work as an expectorant, it will also get rid of many other symptoms related to colds and flus such as: Coughing, Fever, Chest pain, Sore throat

These are one of the most common respiratory problems we suffer from, especially during winters. And this is a very important reason why so many people prefer to drink borage tea daily, it does not only help with lowering these symptoms, but it will also help prevent them.

The second benefit is in regulating menstruation.  Borage tea can help women regulating their menstruation cycle because it contains different hormonal balancing properties.  However, to achieve this, you have to drink many cups a day, but in general, borage tea is going to lower PMS symptoms and help with mood swings.

The next amazing borage tea benefit is in relieving fevers. Many people suffer from high fevers during winter and when they have an infection, although fevers can be treated with conventional drugs very easily, it won’t hurt to support your body by drinking borage tea, it will lower fevers very efficiently and quickly as well.

These are the most important benefits of drinking borage tea.  now; let’s talk about how to brew it.  There are many techniques you can use to brew borage tea, some of them may demand adding other herbal preparations to it, but I prefer to use it alone with some organic honey. The best thing you can do is to get borage teabags or borage loose tea, they are available on our online store shop at and are also very easy to use, most importantly, they preserve all its nutrients and essential oils.